Did you know at Glan Aber we have a fabulous bunkhouse in Snowdonia too which allows you to get the most out of your travel experience. Not only can you have a safe place to put your head down for the night but you have the opportunity to meet other like minded individuals as well as saving some much needed cash.

Take a look to see why bunkhouses are the best for when you are travelling on a budget.


Let’s face it, travelling is expensive, and that’s without finding accommodation and your next bite to eat. It all adds up and generally speaking, bunkhouses have much lower prices than hotels would do. Having a shared bedroom and bathroom can cut down your accommodation expenses dramatically. If you aren’t up to sharing a room with people you don’t know, many places offer private rooms and bathrooms so it’s worth checking those out if your travelling with a budget.

When you are travelling the likelihood that you are going to spend the majority of your time in your room is slim, so you may as well save a little money on accommodation and splurge on outings or souvenirs.


One of the best things about the whole bunkhouse experience is the community vibe between others who share the same interests as you. These people, if stayed with for long enough can even become lifelong friends. If you are travelling in smaller groups or on your own, you are likely to make a friend or two along the way.


There is a lot of scepticism about security in shared spaces which is an obvious priority when travelling, but in fact bunkhouses are very secure. We even have secure bike storage if you are travelling by bike.

Friendly Staff

To make your experience extra special it is important when travelling around that there are friendly staff, and this is typical with any bunkhouse you stay at. They want you to have the best experience possible and explore with absolute peace of mind and that is no different at Glan Aber.


At Glan Aber we have a few extras that may tempt you including a bar and pool room which is open late daily and shows BT Sports, bar meals that are served until late, packed lunches that can be ordered, flask filling service and car parking.

We also have separate male and female facilities, a drying room for clothes and equipment, power points in the corridor and towels that are available for hire from the hotel.

Our aim is to make your experience a positive one, so why not book to stay at our bunkhouse the next time you want to explore Snowdonia.



Why Choose A Bunkhouse
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Why Choose A Bunkhouse
When your travelling next why not try our bunkhouse out in Snowdonia. A great way to save money whilst you explore beautiful North Wales.